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At CIS our success is based on your success. We are committed to helping you expand your business by providing the products, training, and information you need to be successful, hence becoming more competitive in this ever-changing market. CIS solutions grow your business and protect you from risk. To read more about CIS and what we can do for you click here.


Credit Reports
Credit Scores
Supplement Solutions
Rescore Report
Credit Analyzer Solutions
4506T Tax Return Verifications
Business Credit Reports
Flood Zone Certifications
Property Valuation Models
Property Risk Tools
Background Screening
Marketing Lists
Undisclosed Debt Notifications
Verification of Deposit/Asset
Verification of Employment/Income
Tenant Screening
Identity, Fraud & Verification Solutions
Portfolio Monitoring & Assessment
Secured Cards
Training and Webinars

CIS 4506T Advantages 
  • 100% review nearly eliminates IRS rejections, saving cost.
  • CIS works directly with IRS processing centers across time zones to speed fulfillment & resolve discrepancies.
  • Individual tracking of ALL pending orders ensures industry-leading response time.
  • Direct data validation stops fraud & delivers consistent due diligence.
  • Ongoing training & tips to facilitate efficiency, accuracy & speed-of-service.
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